About Us

We are a group of young and talented researchers at the Kea Biotech Pvt Ltd. who have come together for “Atmanirbhar Bharat” with a determination to bring innovation in the healthcare sector for unique healthcare products. We are committed to bringing innovative products which are unique, superior, effective, and affordable to the common population of our society.

Kea Biotech brings innovative antimicrobial products for you to fight against germs and viruses, including the Covid-19 virus, a pandemic that shook the world. Unlike other products, instant killing (<60 sec) is necessary to protect you and your family from Coronavirus. Our nano-formulation-based products instantly kill pathogens and provide prolonged protection from contagious microbes.


21st century innovation in healthcare technology and its benefit to everyone.” Kea Biotech is committed to bring cutting-edge technology in the healthcare sector which should be accessible and affordable to common people in India and abroad. Apart from their in-house innovation, Kea Biotech is working closely with different premier institutes in India to provide a unique platform to innovators for bringing their innovation to the common people. In this journey, Kea Biotech brings the innovative DuroKea antimicrobial technology and products for your protection from germs and COVID-19 (corona) virus. DuroKea products are unique nano-formulations which kills pathogens instantly and provides prolonged protection to you and your family. Kea Biotech stands out from others in their innovation and uniqueness of products, which are superior yet affordable and accessible to the common people for healthier lives and happier homes.