to Protect You and Your Family “24x7”

Good personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves and others from transmission of Germs and Virus. Among different mode, transmission from surface and hand are crucial. Thus, surface hygiene and hand hygiene continue to play crucial roles to protect ourselves from the deadly pathogens including COVID-19 and its future mutant variants or various other emerging pathogens. The conventional sanitizer is not sufficient to provide protection for 30 sec. The long-lasting antiviral/antimicrobial products can play a major role to win this fight against them by providing constant killing and protection.

Health Care-Associated
Infections (HAIs)

At any given time 7-10 % of patients in developed and 10-19 % in developing countries will acquire at least one Hospital-acquired Infection (HAI), and resulting 10 % death from HAI affected patients according to WHO Report, 2016. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is associated with healthcare-associated infections (HAI), both the issues are becoming a major threat to the country as cases have increased enormously. Maintaining 24x7 hygiene (hand and surfaces) is crucial and essential to control over transmission of pathogen and HAI. This needs application of conventional or regular shop/detergent hygiene products several times in a day to maintain such hygiene, which is practically inconvenient and not cost-effective as well as labor intensive process. Therefore, self-sanitizing or self-disinfecting technology are most feasible option and now attracting attention.

With this above consideration, IIT Hyderabad Researcher Invented innovative DuroKea Technology for society and superior hygiene and health. Using DuroKea technologies, Kea Biotech Pvt Ltd, brought innovative long-lasting antimicrobial/antiviral products, Hand Sanitizer (DuroKea H, DuroKea H Aqua), Surface Disinfectant (DuroKea S), and Fabric Sanitizer (DuroKea M), to fight against germs in three different ways. The uniqueness of these products is that they are alcohol based, which is preferred by the medical community, yet provide long-lasting protections up to several hours to days. These alcohol-based nano-formulation products are the first of their kind in India as well as abroad with superior efficacy and affordability. DuroKea products instantly kill pathogens and provide prolonged protection from germs.

Social and Commercial Impact: DuroKea Technology and its Products provide Superior Hygiene in affordable price which saves time and energy. A nanotechnology for mass with infinity opportunity to make high social and economical impact in India as well as abroad

DuroKea Sanitizer Products is licensed for manufacture by the Drugs Controller General India (DCGI) and registration with other countries under process. Our products are extensively tested, validated, and certificated from different Govt and Govt. accredited laboratories across India and abroad (under process) as part of Regulatory processes for Approvals and Registrations. All test results been proven to kill and effective against deadly pathogens and COVID-19 virus. All products are also dermatologically tested to make gentle on skin and skin friendly.

  • School/Colleges/Offices

    Repeated use of normal sanitizer is inconvenient for student in their regular activities in the school and colleges. Our DuroKea H and DuroKea H Aqua (specially made for Kid and alcohol sensitive skin adult), hand sanitizer will provide you 24 hrs protection, just ONE application.

  • Transport

    Use our DuroKea Hygiene products during your regular daily travel and commute, and get the benefit of 24x7 protection just one-time-application. You are ready to go out without fair with superior safety and protection.

  • Flight

    Our Hand Sanitizer (DuroKea H/ DuroKea H Aqua) and Antiviral mask Coating Spray (DuroKea M) just apply and make an invisible shield on your hand and then you can travel peace of mind long distance, within India and Abroad. Similarly

  • Hospitals

    It is trusted by thousands of doctors across the India for their superior protection and safety. The patient visits to hospital just using our DuroKea product for transmission of pathogen from hospital

  • Mall and Your Outside Activities

    In this challenging situation, where there is fare of infection of virus and pathogen from unknown surface, and your hand, and surrounding air. Our DuroKea Range of Products provide you and your family 360 Degree protection from such germs.

Industries Use

All industries found reduction of expenditure 6th times as well as manpower cost through using our DuroKea products
  • Hospital and Health Care Sector

    Health Care-associated Infections (HAIs) is major Burdon to our society. Our DuroKea innovation essentially will paly major role to stop HAI. Several hospitals have been started using our DuroKea range of products for their employs and patient safety and efficacy.

  • Hospitality Sector

    In this current challenging situation where, surrounding hygiene is crucial for safety of people availing the hotel or hospitality. DuroKea S disinfectant ,35 days protection JUST ONE APPLICATION and DuroKea H for 24 hours provide confidence on the hygiene.

  • Food and Pharma Industries

    Strict hygiene (surrounding surface and personal) is most important consideration for their daily production. Our DuroKea range of products (Surface disinfectant and Hand Sanitizer) provide superior hygiene at much reduce cost.